Eco-friendly Products Help Retail Sustainability

1.1 Enabling sustainable
Entity E-commerce

We want to transform our physical stores into high-value physical and digital assets. We can offer better services and information, as well as a ubiquitous and personalized shopping experience. Retail digitization allows for greater collaboration between suppliers and retailers to improve the chain's overall efficiency, security and sustainability. This is demonstrated by the product management function of ESLs and the proximity reminder function of flashing lights to help online order business. The application of BOWTZ ESL in retail stores helps current retail stores' online and offline business and drives their sustainable development of e-commerce.

1.2 Enabling Paperless Retail

The BOWTZ ESL system is a very smart solution to meet the needs of today's retail businesses. the BOWTZ ESL saves paper and the wear and tear of equipment such as printers. the ESL consumes low power only when operations such as page refresh are performed; if the display is not refreshed, the ESL can remain on display for a long time - This operating state consumes almost no power. The use of environmentally friendly, low-carbon electronic paper promotes the smooth development of ESL's environmental path and provides a strong guarantee for energy saving and emission reduction in retail stores.

1.3 Low Power
Consumption Design

BOWTZ ESL strikes a balance between low power consumption and environmental protection. We choose low power consumption chip, 2.4G proprietary protocol, shrapnel gold plating process, and electronic paper technology to provide high-end ESL solutions for the global market. Our 2.4G proprietary protocol can control the low power consumption of the whole machine better, so that we can grasp the ratio of price tag sleep and wake up more freely, this way is more suitable for ESL such application scenarios, so that low power consumption is done better; the chip uses a high quality domestic low power consumption 2.4G RF chip, the working current can reach NA level; the gold plating process of the battery shrapnel (other families nickel plating process ), the impedance property of gold is low, thus the physical properties are more stable, the electrical conductivity is also better, the contact point is not easy to corrode for a long time, prolonging the service life; in addition, we use the electronic paper technology that can protect the eyes and low power consumption, which can promote the sustainable development of the retail industry. Through the above low-power design, the use of one ESL battery, for example, such as changing prices four times a day, can last for 10 years. the battery life of BOWTZ ESL has developed from the original 3 years to 5 years, 8 years, 10 years. In the future, we will continue research and development with the goal of 15 years of battery life.

1.4 Serverless/No Infrastructure Solution (SaaS Service)

BOWTZ SaaS service allows enterprises to build SaaS platforms at lower cost, with less manpower and faster by better allocating service resources according to actual demand, reducing O&M maintenance costs by reusing resources, and reducing waste of computing resources. This strategy can save up to 50% of energy. BOWTZ SaaS cloud services reduce overall energy use, effectively accelerate the digital transformation and upgrade of retail enterprises, and help enterprises achieve energy digitization and carbon digitization cost-effectively. BOWTZ SaaS services provide strong support for retail enterprises to build a powerful guarantee for their development.

1.5 Inventory Reduction

Through the BOWTZ ESL system, working with the merchandise management system of retail stores, inventory can be effectively reduced, thus affecting carbon emissions. Supermarkets and stores have a large number of different types of merchandise that require timely promotions to ensure proper business operations. Frequent promotions are essential. BOWTZ ESL system can help supermarkets and stores to carry out timely promotions, update and reduce inventory through automatic price changes, picking reminders with flashing lights, and other functions, thus reducing waste.

1.6 Low-carbon Internet of Things

From the Internet era to today's Internet of Things era, ESL replaces traditional paper labels to become the irreversible retail information trend. The ESL features of ultra-low power consumption and continuous display without power consumption make the e-ink screen has been occupying the C-position perspective of ESL system, and has won a large number of users' reputation in a large number of ESL applications. BOWTZ ESL uses dot matrix electronic paper technology. Every year, it can save a large number of trees from being cut down, and at the same time greatly reduce the carbon emissions generated during the production of paper. Such a green and environmentally friendly paperless business method fits well with the sustainable development concept strongly advocated by today's society. Compared with paper price tags, ESL using electronic paper reduces carbon emissions and realizes a low-carbon IoT environment.

1.7 A Low Carbon Supply Chain

BOWTZ pays attention to the environmental and ecological impact of upstream and downstream supply chains, such as the improvement of packaging, the preferential selection of logistics methods, product recycling programs and partner selection, etc. Steamed vegetables actively take a series of actions to reduce the total greenhouse gas emissions. Globally, BOWTZ will continue to strengthen the supervision of the e-waste management recycling process and properly handle e-waste according to different laws and regulations in each country/region to minimize the impact on the ecological environment. In addition, BOWTZ will further deepen its cooperation with E Ink, the global leader in e-paper, to bring low-carbon, energy-saving, light pollution-free and environmentally friendly products to customers and society. RE100, the goal of using 100% green renewable energy in factories worldwide, will be achieved by 2030.

1.8 Recycling Mechanism For Waste And Scrap

BOWTZ has an efficient e-waste recycling mechanism. When the customer's repair and follow up battery quantity reaches a certain level, the customer can communicate with the sales consultant in time and inform the specific quantity by email, which will be responded in a very short time. The after-sales service center of BOWTZ, firstly, will check whether the ESLs are damaged and defective, and then take appropriate measures to make the tags in good working condition. Defective tags that cannot be repaired will be sent to us and we will ensure that they are recycled and reused in new products.