Three Squirrels
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Three Squirrels Inc. was founded in 2012, headquartered in Wuhu, Anhui Province, and set up an R&D and innovation center in Nanjing. After eight years of dedicated efforts, the company has developed into a listed company (stock code: 300783) with more than 4,000 regular employees and annual sales of over 10 billion yuan. Three Squirrels Inc. is accelerating its transformation into a digital supply chain platform enterprise. In the 2019 Alibaba Double 11 shopping carnival, Three Squirrels Inc. set a new record in China's food industry with 1.049 billion yuan in sales, and was called "a strong rival for U.S. companies" and "a model for the rise of Chinese brands" by media such as the Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Bloomberg.

In the next ten years, Three Squirrels Inc. will focus on the new positioning of "manufacturing-oriented own-brand multi-store retailer”.Driven by digitalization, Three Squirrels Inc. will restructure the supply chain and organization to bring consumers happy snacks with high quality, good price, freshness, diversitiy and convenience.