General Manager Ji Fangyong Was Invited toParticipate in the 2nd China Business Informatization Channel Business Summit

On October 31, the "2nd China Business Informatization Channel Business Summit Forum and New Retail Empowerment Lecture - Kunming Station", co-organized by Shenzhen Retail Association, Yaloxuan and Shenzhen IOT Media Co., Ltd, was successfully held.


This year's summit uses a combination of meetings and physical displays, and the organizers have invited 13 well-known companies to showcase their products and solutions on site. Peng Jianzhen, Secretary General of China Chain Store Association, Li Wenzhong, Secretary General of Shenzhen Retail Intelligent Information Industry Association, and Guan Jian, Founder of Yaloxuan, made wonderful opening speeches.

The summit session is divided into three parts: guest speakers, guest sharing and guest roundtable discussion.

Zhang Feng, Industry Director of Tencent Enterprise WeChat Product Department, and Miao Kexue, Partner of Mida Technology, made keynote sharing. Huang Wei, General Manager of Bonzi Software. Zheng Wei, CEO of POPULAR, Ji Fangyong, General Manager of BOWTZ, Xue Zhili, Chairman of EJET, Pang Xiaobing, General Manager of Zhi Baiwei, Feng Keming, Vice President of ClearControl, Wang Zheng, CEO of Huijun, Zhang Jiansen, General Manager of Ding Shang, Zhou Zhao, Co-Partner of Sobei, Zhang Zhiwen of Vanguard, Ni Haixia, General Manager of Shandong Zegia, Qin Zilong of Zhengzhou Kemai, Wang Liwu of Shenyang Licai Tong participated in "How to empower distributors in the new retail era Dealers", "What are the business opportunities for new retail smart stores", "How to sustain profitability through operation" and "How to configure cloud servers to save costs" in four roundtable discussions.

Guest Roundtable Discussion: How Manufacturers Can Empower Distributors in the New Retail Era