Congratulations to BOWTZ on Being Elected Executive Vice President of the Branch of Electronic Paper Technology & Application

On the morning of January 22, the inaugural meeting of Guangdong Flat Panel Display Industry Promotion Association Electronic Paper Technology and Application Branch was successfully held in Shenzhen.

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Major Experts And Guests

Under the witness of chairman du weijie, secretary-general wang hao, supervisor luo xuanwu, deputy secretary-general meng shixin, executive vice President fang zhaohui and executive vice President xu yongjie, the chapter elected the first council. The election will be conducted by secret ballot to elect the first council members, vice presidents, executive vice presidents, presidents, supervisors and secretaries. After voting, the conference successfully elected the new session of electronic paper technology and application branch President zhou aijun, secretary-general wang hao, supervisor zhou bin as the main leading members of the branch, also hired the electronics industry veteran li zhenghao as honorary President. The members of the expert committee include Dr. Zhou guofu, a senior figure in the electronic paper industry, as the director of the expert committee, Prof. Cao yong and Prof. Peng junbiao of south China university of technology, Prof. Gu zhihua, a researcher of the advanced material platform flat panel display research center of fudan university, and Prof. Yang bairu of sun yatsen university. In addition, the meeting also elected yuantai technology, aoyi electronic technology, jingmen technology, BOWTZ intelligent technology, Chinese reading as the executive vice President of the unit, vicino technology, Asia world optoelectronics, jingxun optoelectronics as the vice President of the unit.

Address link, wei-jie du, the guild's chairman, said in the past ten years, with electronic paper technology as the core of the flat-panel display industry, along with the Kindle products used to have a brilliant period, and under the development opportunity of a trade war, the industrial transformation and upgrading, and the Internet of things, education and wisdom city, under the development trend of electronic paper technology will with "low power consumption, health, it does not hurt the eye" wait for a variety of features for another spring. The establishment of the branch of e-paper technology and application is in the right place at the right time. I hope that all entrepreneurs can work together, seize the opportunity, grow together, create, maintain and make good use of the platform, and jointly promote the orderly and sound development of the industry.

Finally, members had a free exchange in the buffet lunch. At this point, electronic paper technology and application branch of the establishment of the conference a successful conclusion.