Shi Dengding, Vice President of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, Made a Survey to BOWTZ

After the outbreak, under the strict deployment of the government, the whole country actively resumed work and production, and the prevention and control of the epidemic went hand in hand with economic development.

At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in China is developing in a positive way, and the rate of enterprises resuming work and employees returning to work is steadily increasing.

In order to understand how enterprises carry out epidemic prevention and control and promote the resumption of work and production, Shi Dengding, member of the party group of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce and deputy head of the research team of the city federation of industry and commerce, led a team to visit and research the district chamber of commerce in Jiading on March 16 to put forward relevant opinions and suggestions on policies to promote the development of enterprises, especially the ability to resist diseases in the city to carry out the "28 articles" for the benefit of enterprises.

Wang Yuwei, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Jiading District Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, accompanied to carry out the research. The Liaison Department of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Party Committee of Government Organs, Jiading District Federation of Industry and Commerce, Jiading Industrial Zone and other relevant personnel cooperated.

Comrade Shi Dangdang and his party first visited the Financial Valley of Shanghai Jiading District. The research group inspected the overall prevention and protection work of the park and the resumption of work and production of some enterprises in the park, and had a discussion and exchange with representative enterprises.

BOWTZ is one of the representative enterprises serving people's livelihood with science and technology. The general manager of the company, Ji Fangyong, made a report on the implementation of "Article 28", epidemic prevention and control, and health and safety protection for employees.

Our Brand name was Blozi, we are in the process of changing to  BOWTZ

After gaining an in-depth understanding of the enterprises' resumption of work and production and listening carefully to the opinions of "28 policy measures", Shi Dengding fully affirmed BOWTZ's conscientious implementation of epidemic prevention-related requirements, actively organizing the resumption of work and production and conscientiously fulfilling its social responsibility.

He also stressed that the current epidemic is temporary, and the basic trend of China's economic stability and long-term improvement has not changed. We should grasp the general trend of development, make good use of the central government's support for the reform and development of private enterprises, and practice good internal strength. Enterprises should be good at turning crises into opportunities, with a proactive attitude to deal with the threat of the "19", and strive to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Enterprises should also make full use of the beneficial policies, and actively suggest ideas to minimize the impact of the epidemic on business operations.

BOWTZ is a technology innovation company based on IoT, big data and artificial intelligence, providing solutions for digital, online and intelligent integrated retail. The R&D center is located at the company's headquarters (Shanghai). The R&D staff accounts for 60% of the total workforce and the annual investment in technology accounts for more than 8% of the company's turnover.BOWTZ is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise.

2020 is a new starting line for BOWTZ. We believe the storm will pass soon. In the crisis, we should be calm and firm, fight against the epidemic, grasp the economy and move forward!