Exploring new heights of retail with G-Super Greenland

Exploring new heights of retail with G-Super Greenland


Exploring new heights of retail with G-Super Greenland


With more than ten years of experience in retail industry, BLOZI has become supplier of G-Super Greenland ESL project because of advantages in product and service. As a professional ESL solution provider, BLOZI customized ESL solution for G-Super Greenland and brought new power to its retail business.

Relying on Greenland's strong global resource, G-Super integrates overseas resources to serve the Chinese market and establish an import network of global products.

By using BLOZI ESLs, G-Super has realized the digital upgrade of stores, improved the comprehensive efficiency of stores, and redefined premium supermarkets.

Price updating with high efficiency

Managed by central monitor system, the prices of ESLs can be changed quickly and accurately. Updating product information only needs few clicks. It avoids customer complaints caused by errors in price. By using BLOZI ESLs, it's easy, fast and effective to manage stores.

Good effect promotion





As the marketing window of the store, preset promotion function of ESL ensures the timeliness of promotions.

Staff presets promotion time period, ESLs will automatically update prices when promotion time period starts.






It really realizes the diversified display of information such as time period advertising,promotion.Helping stores to attract customers, greatly enhancing the effect of promotions.

Technology enhances image






BLOZI ESLs are suitable for various scenarios:sea food,fruit and vegetable,bakery,refrigerator. ESLs are working well even in low temperature environment.

ESLs with colorful products adds the sense of technology to the store.Meanwhile, it has a strong visual impact,enhancing the consumer experience.BLOZI ESL creates a technological and exquisite image of the store.

BLOZI ESL integrates a variety of applications, forming a complete ESL based software and hardware solution.

By integrating with G-Super system, it optimizes the whole process from price to operation, bringing better services to stores.






In recent years, ESL becomes a standard match of retailer's digital upgrade.

With the continuous upgrading and reform of the retail industry, BLOZI is willing to work with more partners to create a new retail future.