BLOZI won the "Smart Star - Most Popular ESL Brand and Best Innovative Product" awards

On the evening of September 16, the second "smart star" annual ceremony of China's smart retail industry (2019) was successfully concluded in Xiamen.


The event was co-sponsored by Asia-Pacific Intelligent Retail Industry Alliance, SEALF and Linkshop, and aimed to recognize brands and innovative products that make breakthroughs and pursue excellence in the field of smart retail. The event stimulated the all-round innovation and development of retail enterprises. More than 3,000 retail experts witnessed this grand event.

At the ceremony, BLOZI won the "Most Popular ESL Brand and Best Innovative Product" awards. In recent years, BLOZI has won numerous awards and praise from customer which is a great affirmation of the hard work, helping pan-retailers to digital upgrade and bring high quality experience to consumers. We would like to thank our partners for their long-standing support and trust, thank the committee and experts for their recognition, and every BLOZI staff for their efforts. In the future, BLOZI will help more retail stores to upgrade digitally. In this process, BPS will combine ESL and big data, providing corresponding solutions to various retail business scenarios.







BLOZI - Most Popular ESL Brand



BLOZI - Best Innovative Product 

As a solution provider of ESL and digital retail, it is BLOZI's mission to help retailers to digitally upgrade and meet consumers' needs. As the retail industry continues to reform and upgrade, BLOZI is willing to work with more partners to create a new future of retail.