BOWTZ presents latest products at CHINASHOP 2020

On November 19, CHINASHOP 2020 kicked off at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) Shanghai.

On the first day of the exhibition, thousands of professional audiences visited BOWTZ booth. BOWTZ staff answered inquiries in detail for these professional audiences, and introduced BOWTZ newly developed technologies in digital retail industry.

Taking the exhibition as an opportunity, BOWTZ displayed ESL products,including BOWTZ patented technology: shelf locating ESL, reserved promotions,which attracted a lot of attention from the audiences.

In addition, BOWTZ also displayed digital shelves. BOWTZ works with strategic partners to build a digital intelligence ecosystem for the retail industry, bringing smart IoT solutions to retailers.


Endor series ESLs

12 different sizes ESLs, over 200 combination of accessories, covering all retail scenarios. Whole Endor series ESLs support B/W、B/W/R、B/W/Y. E-paper consumes no power in displaying, keeping display even lack of electricty. E-paper is eco-friendly.




Shelf locating ESL


Making every product appear in the right place. The shelf locating function supports NFC to standardizes shelf display, help headquarters to manage each store.


Reserved promotions

Dozens/hundreds/thousands of ESLs update prices at the same time,synchronizing prices with ERP/POS/scales and online market.

Our Brand name was BLOZI, we are in the process of changing to  BOWTZ



Digital shelf

Integrating digital signage, intelligent sensor and AI to build a smart retail scenario that continuously allows users to experience .