With the epidemic, the application of ESL in retail enterprises is imperative

Epidemic at the moment, many retailers have said that offline business is becoming increasingly difficult, but there are also many retail stores have seen an exponential growth in online orders.

Currently, retail stores are shouldering the burden of people's livelihood and are facing a serious challenge - the multiplication of online orders. Retail store employees have also been working as pickers. Retail stores have a number of problems: in-store manpower shortage, rising customer demands, shelf out of stock, increased demand for price changes in the fresh produce section, etc. The digital transformation of retail stores is imperative. The value of ESLs in this epidemic is more than you can imagine.

Under the epidemic, BOWTZ ESL has important values:.

01 Zero contact between retail store staff and price tag

In retail stores, where customers come to shop on site and price tags are at risk of being contaminated by viruses. ESL is a better option to avoid manual price tag changes. BOWTZ ESL can automatically change prices, allowing store staff to have zero contact with products, reducing the risk of infection.

02 Real-time price change to help picking of online orders

Due to the increase in online orders, the picking workload of store staff has increased. In the past, store clerks performed a lot of repetitive work by manually making updates and adjustments to paper price tags. Also, due to the instability of the supply chain, product prices fluctuated greatly during the epidemic, increasing the frequency of updating the stickers. With the use of BOWTZ ESL, retail stores can free store associates from the repetitive work of price tag replacement, allowing store associates to spend more time on online order picking.

03 Picking reminder function can improve picking and delivery speed

Under the epidemic, consumers prefer zero-touch consumption through online platforms, while offline order picking in retail stores is less efficient. With BOWTZ ESL's picking reminder function, the picking error rate of employees is reduced and picking efficiency is improved, thus speeding up delivery.

04 Effectively solving recruitment difficulties

During the epidemic, the demand for fresh food is greater and the demand for price change is more. The traditional paper price tag price change requires a lot of staff to perform repetitive labor, and it is difficult to reflect the value of employees' work. Difficulty in recruiting workers has become the norm in retail stores. After retail stores use the automatic price change and picking reminder functions of BOWTZ ESLs, they can free their staff and make their work more valuable, which effectively solves the problem of difficult labor recruitment.

05 Helps streamline retail store operations and management

The daily tasks of retail store employees include price checking, daily price changes, promotional price changes, handling merchandise, replenishment, etc. The process is more cumbersome. At this stage, the epidemic is severe, and the workflow of store staff is so complicated, which makes the overall operation of retail stores less efficient. BOWTZ ESL has the functions and roles of easy binding, second change of promotion, traceability of goods, energy saving and environmental protection, so to a large extent, it streamlines the operation and management of retail stores, helps stores reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improves the overall operational efficiency of enterprises.

The application of BOWTZ ESL in retail stores can effectively improve the competitive advantage of enterprises and enable retail enterprises to digitally realize the optimal solution of efficiency and cost.