BOWTZ won the "Smart Star - Most Popular ESL Brand and Best Innovative Product" awards

On the evening of September 16, the second "smart star" annual ceremony of China's smart retail industry (2019) was successfully concluded in Xiamen.

Shi Dengding, vice President of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, made a survey to the intellectual property Insurance Company

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, under the strict deployment of the government, all parts of the country have been actively resuming work and production, with both epidemic prevention and control and economic development at the same time. 

Exploring new heights of retail with G-Super Greenland

 With more than ten years of experience in retail industry, BOWTZ has become supplier of G-Super Greenland ESL project because of advantages in product and service. 

BOWTZ with the third generation of ESL in Germany Euroshop

After three years of development, the 20th EuroShop 2020 opened with great attention. 2,300 exhibitors from over 60 countries

BOWTZ ESL enables Digital upgrade of Tesco stores

In recent months, under the pressure of the epidemic, major retailers have been actively optimizing service details

Working together to combat the epidemic, the chairman of BOWTZ Intelligent interviewed by CCTV

Mr. Xu Daoju, chairman of the board, was interviewed by CCTV news channel, Dragon TV and other media on the protection measures for office premises and Shanghai's "28" supporting policies.

Insurance capital won the top 10 retail service providers in China

On June 5, the 2020 Lianshang Conference, co-hosted by Lianshang, and Cicadas, came to a grand conclusion in Hangzhou.

Congratulations to Ji Fangyong, general manager of insurance, on being elected vice chairman of Guangdong flat panel display industry

On the afternoon of December 13th, the 5th general Meeting of Guangdong Flat Panel Display Industry Promotion Association and the annual meeting of Electronic Paper Technology and