PetroChina uSmile Stores Digital Upgrade

In 2018, CNPC's non-oil business, uSmile convenience stores, achieved sales revenue of 25.4 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 28%.

 However, uSmile is not satisfied with its current ranking of 27th in China's Top 100 Retailers. It is undergoing a digital upgrade to improve the management of its convenience stores through accurate marketing, professional operations, and fine management.

PetroChina uSmile Shanghai is the first to upgrade paper price tags in this digital upgrade. uSmile chose BOWTZ ESL most directly because ESL addresses the rigid need for store price changes, optimizes the store price management process, frees employees from the tedious process of changing paper price tags, and provides better on-site service to customers.

uSmile generates two-way interaction with consumers and store staff through ESL to improve customer shopping experience and store management efficiency. Consumers can determine whether an item is on sale or not through the discount information pushed by the electronic price tag, while store staff can identify the status of the item through the electronic price tag display and the flashing light function, thus greatly improving the shopping experience and work efficiency.

As uSmile's ESL provider, BOWTZ will continue to provide more complete, comprehensive and accurate digital marketing solutions for uSmile in the future, and jointly promote the digital and intelligent upgrade of stores.