Congratulations on the Grand Opening of Likehome Supermarket

Recently, Likehome Supermarket was opened and BOWTZ ESL successfully entered the local market, allowing local retailers to get a digital upgrade.


With first-class store planning and design, clean and hygienic environment, highly qualified staff management and rich product categories, Lianjia realizes the concept that each new store is a new innovation and breakthrough.

BOWTZ ESL has changed the traditional tedious process of replacing paper price tags by hands. The unified use of ESLs to display commodity information and realize one-key price change solves the problem of frequent price changes of fresh produce, and establishes an ESL management system to strengthen the store's commodity data management.

Aspects such as vegetables, fruits, aquatic products and fresh meat are self-managed by Likehome Supermarket, the quality and traceability of fresh commodities are important links, and with the interactive function of ESL and the implementation of electronic tag QR code traceability, information traceability can be easily realized.


In the future, BOWTZ will continue to provide Likehome Supermarket with more complete, comprehensive and accurate digital marketing solutions, and jointly promote the digitalization and intellectualization upgrade of stores.