BOWTZ ESL Enables Digital Upgrade of E-Tesco

In recent months, under the pressure of the epidemic, major retailers have been actively optimizing service details, increasing investment in intelligent equipment, innovating sales models, accelerating the pace of transformation and further improving service quality.

E-Tesco Lifestyle Supermarket has steadily expanded its market in recent years and has become an integral part of local community life. In order to provide consumers with a better consumption experience and improve operational efficiency, E-Tesco Supermarket promotes digital transformation with the help of BOWTZ intelligent ESL solutions. 


n the fresh food section of E-Tesco supermarkets, prices change frequently and the traditional paper price tags make the whole operation complicated and tedious. The intelligent electronic price tag gets rid of the manual replacement of paper price tags, realizes the consistency and real-time price between the backend database, checkout counter and products, realizes one-click price change and paperless operation, improves the overall operation efficiency and avoids the loss caused by the error rate of artificial price tag replacement.

"The use of BOWTZ ESL has greatly improved the overall operational efficiency of Tesco in a short period of time, while improving the shopping experience of consumers and giving us more energy to serve them". said Jiang Qingfei, general manager of E-Tesco Supermarket.

As the supplier of smart electronic price tags for E-Tesco supermarkets, BOWTZ will continue to provide more complete, comprehensive and accurate digital marketing solutions for Eshop in the future, and jointly promote the digitalization of stores and the upgrade of smart retail.