BOWTZ Helps METRO Beijing Four Seasons Green Member Store Digitalize Its Merchandise Operation

On May 17, Metro completed the layout of its first member store in 2022 with the commissioning of the Metro Sijiqing member store in Haidian District, Beijing. This is the fourth store in Beijing and the 102nd store in China.

When you walk into Metro Beijing Sijiqing Member Store, you will find a wide range of food and fresh food, snacks and dry goods, daily necessities, famous wines, beauty, mother and child, and other categories. More than 8,000 kinds of products from more than 60 countries are selected in the Sijiqing Member Store, including 660 new products for the first time, and the proportion of imported, private brand and exclusive products is more than 40%.

The differentiated selection is the highlight of this store. In addition to the introduction of wines from famous French production areas, New Zealand's original Sunshine Golden Fruit, selected mother and baby and children's educational goods, branded bags from luxury counters, cross-border directly sourced goods, digital products, etc., Metro's own brands also launch a variety of exclusive new products. In addition to in-store shopping, Haidian residents can also place orders through APP or WeChat mini-programs, and stores will provide delivery services.

At the moment of the epidemic, ensuring people's livelihood and supply becomes the primary responsibility of Metro. BOWTZ powerfully addresses the supermarket's current needs in terms of ESL management system, positioning price tag system and LCD display system, helping its online and offline integrated development.

BOWTZ started its cooperation with Metro member stores at the end of last year and landed dozens of digital upgrades for member store renovation in Changchun, Dalian, Qingdao, Chengdu, Changzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, Yanjiao, Maanshan and Beijing.

This time, BOWTZ continues to cooperate with Metro on Beijing Sijiqing member stores to continue to empower their digital development and help them lead the new retail.