BOWTZ Presents Latest Products at CHINASHOP 2020

On November 19, CHINASHOP 2020 kicked off at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC)  in Shanghai.

In this exhibition, BOWTZ showed the whole series of ESL products, as well as the patented technology: positioning ESL, reservation promotion, etc., which attracted the attention of many potential customers and partners.

Endor Series ESLs

Endor series ESL contains 12 different sizes of products and over 200 combinations of accessories, covering all retail scenarios.


Positioning ESL 


BOWTZ positioning ESL makes the products correspond to the price, which is easy for retail stores to manage the products, especially the best sellers.

Automatic Price Change

When stores run promotions, hundreds of ESLs update prices at the same time, improving efficiency and upgrading the experience.



Digital Management of Merchandise

BOWTZ ESL integrates digital signage, smart sensors and artificial intelligence to build smart retail scenarios and continue to give users a smart experience.


In the future, BOWTZ, as a professional electronic price tag solution provider, will lead digital retailing and work hand in hand with global partners to build a digital retail ecosystem.