BOWTZ Attend NRF 2022: Retail’s Big Show, Introducing the Endor Solution to Global Market

BOWTZ makes US market debut at 2022 NRF Big Show

On January 16, BOWTZ made its U.S. market debut at the annual NRF Big Show in New York City, showcasing a range of new products, announcements and partnerships. Many international retailers were on hand to make inquiries about Bowtz electronicshelf labels. BOWTZ starts the first step of its globalization strategy.


Founded in 2011, BOWTZ Technology has already become one of the world's top Electronic Shelf Labels solution providers. BOWTZ Technology, with our most secured ESL Solutions - software, network systems, labels and accessories, mobile App and our premium services. We make your Smart Store happen! Partner with us, together, we will advance the way your retail store works!

BOWTZ ESL labels offer different deployment solutions to support all sizes and scales of retail stores and chains. We were the first in the industry to provide the secured SaaS Cloud services to help retail stores utilize the most up-to-date technology while managing cost in the most efficient way. Our solutions also work efficiently and securely with your on-premises IT infrastructure.

In 2021, BOWTZ opened its first U.S. office in California, where it will provide digital solutions to U.S. retailers. This is also the company’s first major showing at the annual NRF Big Show.At this year's NRF, BOWTZ showcased its technological prowess and ability to solve customer pain points.

BOWTZ is now connected to 30 countries worldwide and through 2022 NRF will further expand our global market.


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