BOWTZ ESL Battery Life Extension Can Help Save the Planet

How long does the Earth have left to exist? If we calculate that the Earth has 7.5 billion years of life left, it is 40 years old today. With the increasing depletion of non-renewable resources on the earth and the gradual deterioration of the soil and marine environment, the survival of human beings is threatened.

Earth pollution includes water pollution, air pollution, light pollution, soil pollution, etc. We need to shift to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle in order to survive on this planet.

An example of a seemingly small but actually huge negative impact on the environment is the use of short-life batteries.

If the battery is thrown away indiscriminately, the battery rots and leaks out harmful cadmium, lead, nickel, manganese, zinc, etc. will contaminate the groundwater and soil.

Related research shows that a battery rotten in the ground, can make a square meter of soil permanently lose the use of value; a button battery can make six hundred tons of water contamination, equivalent to a person's lifetime amount of drinking water. The heavy metals that enter the soil and groundwater, through the food chain and then into the fish and crops, destroy the human living environment and indirectly threaten human health.

In addition, the manufacture and transportation of batteries lead to the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, thus aggravating the greenhouse effect and global warming.

At present, the average life of the ESL battery on the market is 2-4 years, and the ideal life is only about 5 years, and is also affected by the working environment and the frequency of price change, the actual life of the battery varies, and the frequent maintenance work brings huge manual pressure to the stores.

Generally, every 2-4 years, enterprises need to replace hundreds or even thousands of batteries for ESLs, with fast replacement frequency, high procurement cost and high pollution to the environment. 

But if you use BOWTZ ESL, you won't need to replace batteries for 10 years, which not only helps our customers improve operational efficiency, but also helps our planet reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution.

BOWTZ is a socially responsible and committed company. In the future, we will still contribute to global environmental protection through the extension of the battery life of ESLs, thus making the planet sustainable.