How Does ESL Improve the Brand Image of Retailers?

In recent years, with the intensification of the competition and the continuous maturity of the retail industry, especially the rising labor costs, more and more retailers have begun to use ESL on a large scale to solve the multiple disadvantages of traditional paper labels, such as difficult to modify information frequently, high labor cost, high error rate, easy to lose, low application efficiency, and increased operating costs. In addition to the significant improvement of operation management, ESL has improved the brand image of retailers to a certain extent.

Globally, 73% of consumers believe that customer experience is an important factor influencing their purchase decisions. 65% of U.S. consumers believe that a good brand experience is more influential than a good advertisement. According to a recent KPMG report, more than 50% of customers will switch to a competitor of that brand after a bad experience. Therefore, it is essential to provide a better customer experience and build brand loyalty.

For retailers, every business decision is related to brand image, so how does ESL improve the brand image of retailers?

Reduce Error Rates and Avoid Brand Image Damage

Store clerks made errors in printing and replacing paper price labels, making the label price inconsistent with the cashier's barcode price. Sometimes, labels are lost. These situations not only penalize the stores, but also affect the image and reputation of the brand due to "price fraud" and "lack of integrity". Using ESL to change prices in a timely and accurate manner can help a lot in brand enhancement.

Enhance Consumer Experience, Strengthen Loyalty and Reputation

ESL's quick and timely price changes allow store staff to have more time and energy to serve consumers and enhance the shopping experience, thus strengthening consumers' brand loyalty and reputation.

For example, one of our clients at a lifestyle supermarket in Dubai needed to make price adjustments on fresh produce items several times a week. Before using BOWTZ ESL, the staff in the fresh food area were busy changing prices frequently every week and had no more time to provide attentive customer service. After using BOWTZ ESL, the staff have saved a lot of time and focused more on communicating with customers and serving them. Eventually, sales in the area gained a boost.

Improve the Brand Visual Image and Make the Brand More Recognizable

ESL's simple, unified image and the display of the brand logo enhance the image of the stores and make the brand more recognizable.

Green and environmental protection is Conducive to the Long-Term Development of the Brand

ESL saves paper, reduces tree felling, and lowers the consumption of printing equipment and ink. And it does not require as much light from the environment as other display media, which can reduce carbon emissions. Using green, environmentally friendly ESL is responsible for consumers, society, and the development of our planet, and is also beneficial to the long-term sustainability of the brand.