Introduction to the Application Scenario of Electronic Shelf Label

Have you always thought that this is a printed paper shelf label? Look closer, it's an electronic shelf label!

Recently, electronic shelf labels can be seen from stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, electronic stores, cosmetics stores and pharmacies. Some of them are in front of the snack aisle, some in front of fruits and vegetables, some in the refrigerated cabinet, and some on the type genus of the best-selling products ...... What are the advantages of electronic shelf labels, and what scenarios are the different sizes of shelf labels actually applied in?

The Advantages of Electronic Shelf Label

Electronic shelf label is a kind of electronic display device that can replace paper shelf label. Its main advantages are as follows.

A price adjustment is fast, accurate, flexible and efficient, improving work efficiency.

B synchronized with the system background, keeping consistent with the online, POS, price inquiry terminal, releasing the value of data.

C facilitating the unified management of headquarters, effective monitoring, reduce management loopholes.

D effectively reducing manpower, material resources and management costs.

E Improving store image, customer satisfaction, and social credibility.

Application Scenarios of Electronic Shelf Label

How to choose electronic shelf labels in retail industry? What types of electronic shelf labels are suitable for different scenarios?

A Ordinary electronic shelf label - 1.53 inch, 2.13 inch, 2.66 inch, 2.9 inch

These electronic shelf labels are small, space-saving, so that the shelves are neatly standardized and unified with good visual effect. They are commonly used with clips and pendulums in shelves and wind cabinets.





B. Large size electronic shelf label - 4.2 inch, 7.5 inch

This type of electronic shelf label is usually placed on the shelf or pile head of fresh food, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, and used together with clips, pendulums and stretching rods. The display screen of this kind of electronic shelf label is large, focused, clear and beautiful.





C. Low temperature ESL - 2.13 inch

Low temperature electronic shelf labels can be used in temperatures as low as -25° to -40°, such as in freezers and refrigerators.

D waterproof electronic shelf label

Chilled, seafood and meat and other commodities with high humidity area can use 4.2 inch waterproof electronic shelf label, with clips, ice inserts and stretching rods. Waterproof electronic shelf label both waterproof, display area is large, can display more information of the goods.

Electronic shelf label accessories

Electronic shelf labels do not exist in isolation on the shelf, but require a corresponding combination of accessories to be installed. These accessories usually include rails, pendants, clips, pendulums, tension rods, back plates and other major categories.


In short, electronic shelf labels have now become the standard for new retail. Grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores have begun to use electronic shelf labels to replace the traditional paper shelf labels. At the same time, the application field of electronic shelf label is also broadening, and is penetrating into new fields such as intelligent office, intelligent storage, intelligent medical care and intelligent manufacturing. The development of intelligent technology era makes the new retail promote the transformation of the whole industry change, electronic shelf label will eventually become the development of the times inevitable trend direction.


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