How Can Electronic Shelf Label Improve the Customer's Shopping Experience?

What makes a customer decide where to shop? Price, product quality, environment? Of course, these are all important factors, but that's not all. Now more than ever, the customer experience is a decisive factor in customer satisfaction and loyalty. As an intelligent terminal with real-time dynamic update display of product information, electronic shelf labels have become an important trend in new retail. How can ESL improve customer shopping experience and make more and more retailers choose ESL?

1. Comprehensive information to help shoppers make decisions

Using electronic shelf labels, shoppers can easily view important information about the items they are considering buying. Electronic shelf labels can display more comprehensive information such as price, origin, specifications, grade, inventory, interactive QR codes and more in a timely manner, helping shoppers make decisions about the items they plan to purchase.

2. Real-time update information, reduce customer complaints

Actually, electronic shelf label can adjust the price of goods in real time according to the promotional activities - the price is automatically updated in real time throughout the network. In the past, manual maintenance of paper shelf labels was slow and error-prone, while labor costs remained high. The electronic shelf label solution enables real-time price updates with zero error rate, so there are no problems such as poor experience, customer complaints or even penalties caused by shelf label and manual price change errors.

3. Online and offline information connection, multi-channel synchronization

Today, shoppers can choose to purchase items in-store or online. Using digital tools that support electronic shelf labels, retailers can integrate in-store information into other platforms, such as websites, mobile apps or social media.

4. System connectivity, fast checkout

With the development of new retail, there are more and more unmanned convenience stores. The electronic shelf label system can be connected to the retailer's ERP, allowing the merchandise database and the store system to be truly connected. In unmanned convenience stores, shoppers enter the store, pick up the items they need, and walk out the door with the payment system automatically settling the bill. This improves shopping efficiency while elevating the customer experience.

5. Free up clerks and elevate shoppers’ experience

Obviously, the electronic shelf label automatically completes the price change work, reducing clerks work pressure, improving work quality and efficiency, allowing clerks to focus more on high value-added work and have more time to communicate with shoppers, elevating the their shopping experience.


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