Electronic Shelf Labels Are Very Popular in Unmanned Convenience Stores

According to the Insight Partners, the unmanned convenience store market was valued US$ 67.48 million in 2019 and is expected to reach US$ 1,640.32 million by 2027 with a CAGR growth rate of 51.9% during the forecast period.

Today, the customers expect instant services and are increasingly opting for automated devices in order to reduce their manual operating chores. Owing to this, the self-service technologies are progressively changing the customer's way of interacting with the firms for creating service results. In recent years, electronic shelf label technology has been connected to unmanned convenience store systems to drive the implementation of automatic billing, thereby elevating the customer shopping experience.

The electronic shelf label successfully integrates the shelf into the computer program, eliminating the need for manual changes. The reasons for its great popularity in unmanned convenience stores are as follows.

1. Accurate Price

Any type of retail business must ensure the accuracy of price information, which is one of the basic elements of retail services. Especially in the unmanned retail business, in this open and unattended environment, traditional paper shelf lables may be discarded, consumers may inadvertently switch shelf lables, and managers may make mistakes. The electronic shelf label replaces the time-consuming and labor-intensive paper shelf lable, which can realize rapid price change, dynamic pricing and real-time promotion, and guarantee the accuracy of prices.

2. High Replenishment Efficiency

In the process of unmanned retail operation, timely replenishment is a very important part. By synchronizing the commodity inventory data in the electronic shelf label system, you can clearly understand the sales of each shelf and the inventory of each commodity, so that you can know the specific demand data of shelf replenishment.

3. Standardization of Shopping Process

The implementation of standardization is essential! Electronic shelf label is a very important medium for information transfer. It manages information through a unified back office. Price information, QR codes, promotion information, etc. are all transmitted from the headquarters, greatly enhancing the implementation of unmanned retail standardization and guaranteeing the retailer's control over each store. The electronic shelf label makes the merchandise management of unmanned convenience stores more intelligent - consumers can simply scan the QR code, enter the store and select the goods they need to buy, and complete the whole process through perception-free shopping.

4. Good Image

The customer base of unmanned retail is mainly focused on young and fashionable urban people. There is a requirement for the atmosphere of the retail scene. Unmanned convenience stores use neatly arranged and simple style electronic shelf labels to enhance the aesthetics and overall image of the store.


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