Why do clothing stores choose electronic shelf labels?

Although buying clothes online has become an inevitable trend, there are still many people who prefer to buy clothes in offline stores. The biggest benefit of offline shopping is that the goods are within reach and customers can truly feel the quality of the clothing. Of course, the convenience of buying clothes online is also something that cannot be replicated by offline stores. The use of electronic shelf labels has to some extent made the operation of clothing stores more efficient, synchronized prices across multiple channels, reduced costs and increased sales of.


1. High Operational Efficiency

The daily work of apparel store staff - checking prices, changing products, promotional price changes, restocking, etc. - is tedious. The use of conventional paper price labels affects the operational efficiency of clothing stores. Electronic shelf labels have the advantages of easy binding, automatic price change, commodity traceability, energy saving and environmental protection, which help them reduce costs and increase efficiency and improve the operational efficiency of retail stores.

2. Cost Reduction

In the aspect of improving efficiency and reducing cost, the electronic shelf label for the clothing store's attraction is self-evident. Compared with the clothing store staff, electronic shelf label digital staff tireless, for there are fixed rules of repetitive work processing faster, which makes the unit cost of completing the task is significantly optimized.

3. Multi-channel Price Synchronization

For apparel brands that have both online and offline stores, price synchronization is critical. Multi-channel price management presents new challenges for apparel brands. However, the use of electronic shelf labels helps ensure that prices are consistent across channels for apparel brands, especially during sales and promotions.

4. Better Service Experience

The use of electronic shelf labels automates merchandise management to some extent, giving store associates more time to serve customers and increase their satisfaction. When staff can spend more time interacting with customers and assisting them with their purchases, they are motivated to build relationships with customers, thus ensuring customer loyalty.

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